Make it easy for referrers to give qualified business leads!

Aware of a business need, chase it or let us and earn rewards

Reap the rewards on offer, share your market knowledge here

- know of a business opportunity you can't put to use, don't ignore it, share the lead on carrotleads

- persuade networkers to share relevant business leads with you, offer attractive rewards.

Why use carrotleads?

  • save on sales prospecting costs and cold calls
  • allow networkers to give leads anonymously,
    offset their credibility risk
  • publicise upfront your referral reward offers
  • offer goodwill donation for every qualified lead
  • ask clarifications on lead and give timely notifications
  • dashboard to track, engage and manage all your leads
  • generate affiliate links for influencers
  • rate networkers( like ebay) and strengthen community
  • flexible subscription fees with pay on success plan
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Review some of the carrots a.k.a rewards offered by other businesses





InvoiceBid : 20% revenue share on all transactions generated

NSPI : A$3000 finder's fee for property leads

AMC Commercial Cleaning : 5% of value of cleaning contract

Reach Digital : 5% of closed sale paid in gift cards

SmallBiz : $100 flat finder's fee and 2-10% on total value

SysIntegra : 2% of the gross deal value for converted leads

Clear Blue Water : 10% of revenue from each customer

Equity : A$5000 commision for selling our properties

Raster Graphix : 10%-15% of closed sales

Miles Townsend CA : 10% of the first year fees for any converted client

Readcloud : A$2000 for quality leads to sell eLearning solutions

Community Training Initiatives : $400-$700 for each signup to courses

Smart : Reward of A$200 or a donation to charity if a lead converts

Pasme : A$200 cash reward or charity donation

Networkers have the option to ask any business to donate their rewards to charity on conversion of a lead. Donation will be made on carrotleads and you will receive notification of its success.

How do we get qualified warm leads ?

  • crowd sourced from networkers looking to grow with you
  • PPC and SEO using targeted landing pages
  • web intelligence software that scans forums, groups, social media feeds etc.

4 reasons promises are kept on carrotleads!

- legal, ratings, anonymity and self-interest.

carrotleads has a pay on success plan

We will start your monthly subscription plan only after the first lead has converted

Early adopter

$ 49 /month or 2%*

Under 20 slots left

FREE, pay after 1st lead converts

Open for first 150 accounts.

* % of per converted deal ( min $10)

FREE for Not For Profit Organisations



$ 149 /month

2 Account Managers

Qualify 5 Inbound Leads

500 Leads

Limited Customer Support



$ 499* /month

10 Team members

Customised reward offers by area

Unlimited Leads

24x7 Customer Support


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How does one gain qualified leads ?

- Tips to gain business leads here : why, how, risks and rewards.

Some of the features our clients use

screenshot of manage leads

Admin console to manage and track leads from networkers.

  • gain lead anonymously and contact details revealed only if lead is accepted
  • decline leads that are unsuitable
  • track leads received, view them under New, Processing, Converted, Unrealised and All leads
  • view details of a lead
  • gain feedback on lead, "Ask about lead"
  • tools to easily evangleize referral rewards
  • check networker statistics
  • update profile and referral rewards
  • manage settings for profile(public or private visibility) and email notifications

screenshot of manage leads

A representation of a business profile. Networkers can post a lead anonymously.

  • outline the type of leads your business wants
  • publish attractive and credible reward offers
  • maintain testimonial links and foolow good practices
  • keep contact information current
  • display a short blurb to explain your business in the "About us" section
  • share referral reward program on social media

screenshot of manage leads

Generate custom affiliate links to pass to key influencers. Inform them about affiliate tools at their disposal on carrotleads to track visits and purchases

  • influencers can create a free account on carrotleads
  • use company generated links or copy affiliate link on profile and share around
  • use our email tools to email your contacts referral link
  • share affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit and Pinterest
  • see how many people clicked on an custom generated affiliate link
  • access reports on purchase value and other statistics

Affiliate link examples : Sample 1 , Sample 2

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On signup, receive a complimentary free linkedin training session, sponsored by carrotleads.