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What is carrotleads?

Thu, 10 Oct 2013. is a subscription web application that a company uses to receive good quality leads from their social network and contacts. The application is used in two contexts, Company and User.

Company requires companies to initially register, build a brief profile that describes them, list out the leads they are interested in and the rewards they are willing to pay out for those leads that convert. They can then link up their business email contacts, social network details into carrotleads. The platform can then be used to send out invites to all linked social network contacts on behalf of the company either as a email message, a facebook, twitter, G+ or linkedin post. This process can be periodically repeated for new contacts. provides companies a simple intuitive interface to track leads, update a lead status, export lead data, give feedback and rate users.

User is absolutely free for normal users and provides a easy, simple interface to submit a lead to a company that you understand, respect and whose network you are a part of. Users can track the progress of the lead, provide feedback to company and rate them at the end.

Users can browse for public companies, look up their profile, reward structure, ratings and join their network to submit leads. Users who are not part of a company's network can request an invitation to be part of one. Users who have a relationship with a company will have the ability to rate them at the conclusion of the lead's lifecycle.

Power users may be required to subscribe to the application.

Disputes functions as a lead tracking and facilitation service and does not provide any payment mechanism to process or track rewards / commission / incentives. We intend to derive our income through a subscription model paid by companies and power users. We explicitly state that we don't receive a commission from either a company or a user based on the success or failure of a lead and neither do we mediate on disputes between them. We shall endeavour to provide a forum to voice grievances and would like to always learn if we can improve our product design to reduce occurrence of such disputes, so feel free to email us and leave a feedback.


We are always trying to add quality features to the application and if you have one, please let us know via email at .

Meanwhile stay posted on new developments by subscribing to our VIP email list here and you can provide your feedback at the end of it too. We are working on carrotleads's native iOS and Android apps too.

If you are interested to know how we got here, check this

Shabu Thomas