How does it work? - Networkers ( a.k.a sales lead scouts)


1. Search or be invited

  • Join carrotleads as a lead scout/networker. Update your domains of interest.
  • Networkers act as lead scouts and share warm leads with relevant companies. Examine incentives offerred by companies.
  • Companies also showcase their incentive program to their contacts / networkers.



2. Supply quality leads

  • Provide leads using our simple lead entry form.
  • Companies need to accept lead to see a lead or a prospect's contact details.
  • Get lead status notifications on app and email. Track your leads.
  • On lead conversion, contact the company and claim your rewards.
  • Rate and spread the word!


How does it work? - Companies


1. Join & Build

  • Join and set up your company's profile, location etc.
  • List nature of business leads you want from networkers or sales lead scouts.
  • Incentives you offer to acquire high quality business leads( min $50 or donate to charity).
  • Manage search tags and settings.



2. Publicise & Acquire

  • We help you spread the word on social. Ask contacts to check your profile, scout for leads and share them to gain rewards.
  • Keep profile public. to connect with community of networkers or lead scouts
  • Easy sign up options for networkers.



3. Intuitive & Engaging

  • Simple form to get key lead/prospect data from networkers.
  • Engage with updates on acceptance, conversion or unrealisation of leads.
  • Track, manage and export leads.



4. Reward & Buildup

  • Rate networkers at the end of a lead.
  • Keep your incentive promises, encourage your networkers to acquire more leads.
  • Build reputation, recreate the cycle and grow business.


#We are working on a facilitation engine to help interested companies on board to affiliate and monetize leads.
If you are interested in this, leave us a note and we will keep you updated.