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Become a Quality Networker - Tips

Tue, 2 Dec 2014.
There are 2 ways to become a Networker:
  • Sign up as one on and off you go.
  • You get an invitation from a Company to join as their Networker in carrotleads via email or through one of the social media.  Sign up as a networker, activate your account in carrotleads and add company to shortlist to accept invitation
As a networker we recommend you send quality leads on our platform. Make sure the leads satisfy some basic criteria 
  • The lead and related prospect details relates to a publicly available information and not private or confidential data 
  • Leads about a business requiring a business service and get permission if business information isn't publicly available.
  • Prospect information of an individual requiring a business service will require the networker to get an explicit permission. Networker needs to inform that he can get interested business to help with the business need and it is okay with the prospect. 
  • Qualify the lead as best as you can. Make sure it's a valid lead and the prospect is likely to buy if provided with a right solution. 
  • If you are familiar with a business on carrotleads you may make a referral to the prospect and post the lead directly. 
Leads on carrotleads can be posted in 2 ways
  • Share a quick lead direct to the platform and we will match it with 1-3 businesses, Leads are matched based on domain suitability, location, ratings, incentive quality and a few other proprietary data points.
  • Share lead directly with a specific business. Make sure you understand the type of leads they want, the business they are in and if your leads satisfy those criteria. 
Businesses are rated on 3 main criteria

1. Responsiveness to lead and communication
2. Integrity
3. Effort

We have provided a 2 way open comment system that can allows you to be notified by email too. Be diligent in answering any queries from a company about a lead. Well defined leads are more likely to be converted and help you get to your deserved incentives.
If your linked company frequently decline leads from you, that is a good signal your leads are of lower quality and we would encourage you to improve. Not all leads get converted, so we urge you to so be patient & consider it when rating a company at the end of leads lifecycle. .


Shabu Thomas