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Rationale to use carrotleads as a networker

Mon, 4 Aug 2014

Our aim

The aim of our platform is to get networkers to monetize the business information they come across. We have over 90+ companies on our platform willing to pay attractive incentives to networkers who give them a quality lead that can get converted. 

Leads - What's that?

Leads are nuggets of business information that is crucial for a relevant business. Without them a business would be staring at a missed opportunity, an opportunity they would not have accessed normally. Leads are different from referrals and more challenging. It meets the basic criteria of establishing a valid need and has less credibility risk than referrals. For the other side of the argument, see this.

Networker - Who is one?

It is anyone who loves listening to people, their challenges and can sense business opportunities. Our archetype networker comes across warm business opportunities/leads but has no incentive or interest to use many of them.
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How and where do I find leads?

Business leads are to be sourced from public data( not confidential) and are voiced daily in
  • social media feeds( linkedin, facebook, twitter, g+, Pinterest etc. ) 
  • social media groups ( facebook/linkedin groups, g+ communities etc)
  • forums
  • networking events etc.
We will provide you with tips to notice them, educate on best practices, organising payments etc. 
In addition we can scour leads in your social feeds using our web intelligence tools, provided we have your permission to do so. We will highlight such leads and you can choose to share them on carrotleads. 
Don't know which business to give a lead to, no worries, share it with us! Our algorithms will match it with 1-3 businesses and keep you updated. 

An example

If you meet someone today who is looking for business mentoring, coaching, support etc. the information would be ignored by you unless you work in the same space or know someone who does. How about something a bit left field, someone considering an eLearning/eBook solutions for a school or how about if you live in Melbourne, Australia and know someone looking to buy a property.
These business lead information is likely to go unused by you but is quite valuable for our companies. They provide incentives a.k.a carrots to persuade you to share the leads with them in addition to our inbuilt rating and review mechanisms.

With an awareness of our carrotleads platform you have the option to look/search for companies on who want this information. They disclose upfront the incentives / commission to be paid on conversion of relevant quality leads. If you do so for the above 3 examples, the results will be
1. Smart forums ( mutual business mentoring/support like mastermind groups) and pays $200 for converted leads,
2. ReadCloud who provide a elearning solution and are willing to pay A$2000 for a quality lead on conversion.
3. If you search on property, you will come across Nicholas Scott Property investments who are willing to pay A$3000 if they end up selling a property to a person you referred to them. To view their profile, click here.
We have an inbuilt rating mechanism that strongly encourages companies to make good on their promises. As professed by all companies on our platform, it is in their self-interest anyway to do so and engage with the networkers.

Key factors to share leads

1. Company is credible and likely to convert leads if followed up. ( basic google search and testimonial links )
2. They offer credible incentives / commission. 
3. They have a good rating within the platform.

A real example

Our founders use the platform as a networker and they are also keen networkers.
Recently they had given a lead with regards to a software dev project to 3 companies. One barely engaged with the networker( founder) while the other 2 engaged strongly and one of them is still in contention to land the 100k+ project. So next time they are more likely to give leads to the 2 companies who engaged with them if they consider those most suitable for a particular quality lead.

Risks and how we mitigate them

1. When a lead is shared, companies are notified of just the description and the contact details are obscured. Companies can choose to accept or decline a lead. An acceptance of lead unlocks lead contact details and establishes an obligation for company to follow lead and keep their promise on conversion.
2. We are working on companies receiving anonymous leads from our verified networkers. This obscures the networkers details to the company which ordinarily would be available.
3. We have a rating system to rank a companies interaction with a networker over the lifecycle of a lead. this ensures that companies self-regulate and make good on their promises. Networker can also take on the once bitten, twice shy rule where applicable.
4. The gestation period for many business opportunities is a few months and we are working on ways to protect networker interest and encourage companies to provide regular updates. Companies mark an accepted lead as converted or unrealised  based on outcome and networkers receive notifications.

As founders of the platform, we realise that our clients are also feeling their way through the platform and real world interactions at times like us. We have taken on the role to educate all parties of best practices, obligations etc and strive to remove friction from the sales lead acquisition and reward process.

We are always willing to learn. Do email our CEO & Founder at or post a message here and one of our support team members will respond very soon. 

How do I become a networker

Its simple, click here to create a free account. All we need is an email to kick it off and we provide social signup options if you don't like creating yet another account. 

You will receive an email verification link and clicking the link will require you to fill in a bare essential information, namely password, name and location. We prefill some of this to make it easier for you. No excuses now :) , click here to join for free .

Shabu Thomas